Japanese exports fell in April more than expected


In April, goods and services worth 6.65 trillion yen were exported from Japan. Compared with April last year, exports fell by 2.4%, just as a month earlier, the country's finance ministry reported. The drop in Japanese exports has been observed for the past 5 months, which is caused by tensions in world trade. According to experts, a less significant drop was expected - by 1.8%. The volume of Japanese exports to Asia decreased by 3.3%. Japan delivered to China, its largest trading partner, goods in the amount of 1.23 trillion yen, reducing the figure for the year by 6.3%. At the same time, the equipment for semiconductors was delivered 41% less than a year earlier. Exports to South Korea fell by 4.2%, to Taiwan - by 2.7%, to Singapore - by 3.9%. At the same time, Japan increased deliveries to the USA by 9.6% in annual terms. Japan's trade surplus with the United States for the year increased by 17.7% due to an increase in the supply of cars by 8.3%. Japanese imports in April declined at the highest rate since November, falling by 6.4% in annual terms to 6.59 trillion yen. Japan’s trade surplus for April was the lowest in 4 years, amounting to 60.4 billion yen.

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