Japan begins again its trade bids with SoKor, tension remains


Japan is picking up where it left off after its approval of the first exports of materials to South Korea, following their incipient trade conflict in July.

But Japan is not doing it without a stern gesture as it hinted about export curbs against its trade partner, South Korea.

One of the premier companies in South Korea, Samsung, will benefit from the resumed trading activities since its computer products make use of the technological materials coming from Japan.

In July, Japan started to its tighter export regulations resulting in South Korea’s outrage as it caused drastic chips production delay. Japan insisted that the tighter export regulations were part of their national security measures.

The resume of trading activities still carries a lot of tension following Japan’s move of removing South Korea in its white list of trade partners which will cause more trade restrictions to make sure that materials exported to Korea will not be used to craft weapons.

In response, South Korea announced recently its bid to allot billions of won for research and development for developing local materials to ditch trading activities with Japan.


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