Investors doubled investments in commercial real estate in Germany


Investment in commercial real estate in Frankfurt and Berlin have almost doubled since the beginning of the Brexit process. The total value of transactions in 2018 increased by 88% compared to 2016 and exceeded $10 billion. Investments in Berlin grew by 90% to $7.1 billion. The growth of investment in London was 50%. Funds sent to London amounted to only $36.4 billion against the background of Britain’s exit from the EU. Banks and financial companies are already moving their headquarters from London to Frankfurt. Korean IGIS Asset Management has invested €670 million in the construction of a skyscraper in Frankfurt, where the German Central Bank and other banks are renting space. The head of the IGIS foreign investment sector, Joseph Lee, believes that the city is becoming the financial center of Europe. Taiwanese insurance company, Fubon Life, has invested €530 million in Eurotower - a skyscraper where the ECB division is located. Investments in real estate in Europe reached a record value of €312 billion in 2018, and in Germany - €77 billion.

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