Investors’ fears resurface over recession, descending market as COVID-19 spreads in US


NEW YORK- Bear market and recession became two of the most used words in the financial landscape as investors reviewed the overall impact of the novel coronavirus and future ramifications this may inflict to global growth.   Investors also assessed its direct impact on asset.

The fast-paced virus contagion brought sharp movements in markets across the globe. Majority of investors grew anxious mainly from the ambiguous direction of the virus and if government measures are effective enough to negate further spread. The current setup made it hard to fully assess economic disruptions in the asset markets.

Rabobank stated that the strategy of suppressing information and assuring people all is well were proven to be ineffective.

With virus reaching larger scale in the United States, investors were disturbed by several factors including inadequate administrative response, ambiguous diagnosis count, and fears that virus and policies will cause further damage to the world economy.

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