Income surge sets the London Stock Exchange closer to Refinitiv deal


The London Stock Exchange (LSE) said on Friday that it was “on track” to completing its takeover of the analytics company, Refinitiv, after a clearing activity led to a higher-than-expected annual income.

According to LSE CEO David Schwimmer, the $27 billion deal with Refinitiv is planned to be fulfilled by the second half of 2020.

The LSE reported that total income rose by 8% to 2.314 billion Pounds ($3.01 billion) by the end of last year compared to analyst expectations of 2.308 billion Pounds ($2.97 billion).  

The total revenue had also hiked 8% to 2.07 billion Pounds.

The LSE’s post trade services unit as well as settlement and custody activities saw a 15% rise in revenue.  

However, according to The Financial Times, the $27 billion deal has been met with intense scrutiny in Brussels that may result in an extended probe from regulators than anticipated.

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