In August, the number of oil and gas installations in the world reached a maximum since March 2015


The American oil field services company Baker Hughes, which publishes data on operating rigs in the world since 1944, reported that in August the total number of operating oil and gas drilling rigs increased to 2 thousand 278, the highest level since March 2015. This is 162 installations more than in August last year. The growth rate is noted for the fourth consecutive month. The share of North America in the world number of installations has grown to 55.8% from 55% a year earlier. In Africa, the number of drilling operations increased by 6 units compared to the previous month, in Europe - by 5, in Latin America - by 2. The number of drilling rigs in the Middle East was 2 units. The Asia-Pacific region has reduced the number of installations by 4 units.

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