IEA announces slower growth in renewable energy

The International Energy Agency reported that at the end of 2018, the world used the same amount of renewable energy sources as at the end of 2017. The index, which for the first time since 2001 showed zero growth, was at around 180 gigawatts. IEA experts indicate that this volume is not sufficient to achieve long-term economic goals, as it makes up only 60% of the target indicators. The goals require the annual addition of about 300 gigawatts of renewable energy until 2030. It is noted that along with the increase in demand for renewable sources in the world, the demand for oil and gas is also growing. In 2018, CO2 emissions increased by 1.7%, reaching a record 33 gigatons. According to the IEA, over the past four years, the growth in the use of wind energy has slowed, but the growth in the use of solar energy has increased. Experts note that renewable energy sources are becoming the cheapest option for many markets due to cost reduction, which makes it possible to expect their sustainable growth in the future.

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