IDC expects 15.3% increase in wearable electronic device sales in 2019


Research company International Data Corporation expects the growth in sales of wearable electronic devices by 15.3% to 198.5 million units. According to its estimates, the average annual growth rate of sales in the period up to 2023 will be at the level of 8.9%. Their volume during this time will reach 279 million devices, which will also include wireless headphones with the function of a virtual assistant. It is expected that smart watches in 2023 will increase their share in the wearable device market to 47.1% from 44.2% last year. At the same time, Apple will retain leadership among their manufacturers. High demand in 2023 will use “smart” headphones. Their market share will be 31%. In the next 5 years, IDC predicts a slowdown in sales of fitness bracelets to 0.7%, and in dollar terms, their sales may fall by 4.1% per year.

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