Hyundai Motor increased its quarterly profit by 30%


Hyundai Motor, the largest car manufacturer in South Korea, reported on the growth of all financial indicators in the first quarter of the year. The company's net profit of 953 billion 800 million won showed an annual growth of 30%. The operating profit indicator increased for the first time in 6 quarters, reaching 824 billion 900 million won and rising by 21% over the year. Experts had expected less significant growth - up to 777 billion 300 million. Revenue amounted to 23 trillion 990 billion won. Its growth in annual terms was at the level of 6.9%. At the same time, the company reduced sales by 30 thousand cars compared to the same period a year earlier. Sales that did not include sales of Hyundai machines in China rose 0.4%. The domestic market also showed sales growth of 8.7% due to the high demand for the new SUV.

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