Huawei set to launch Google-less smartphone


Huawei set to launch Google-less smartphone


A new Huawei smartphone called Mate 30 will soon be launched by the Chinese tech giant, but this won’t be a Google-laden phone.

Availing the Mate 30 as it goes on sale, however, means saying goodbye to Google apps like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Play Store.

After being put under the U.S. trade blacklist that led to cutting its ties with the American company Google, Huawei will release, for the first time, its newest smartphone offering without the Google services.

It can be recalled that earlier in May, the U.S. put Huawei on a list banning American companies from selling software which in effect disabled Huawei from tying up with Google and Facebook.

Huawei now has developed its own ecosystem and software called "Harmony" which is now the operating system of Mate 30. Mate 30, however, can still be available in the Android system.

Analysts say that it would be difficult for Huawei to sell Mate 30 in Europe since it does not have Google services.

In the previous quarterly reports, Huawei top officials reported a 40% plunge in smartphone sales after the U.S. banned the company.

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