Huawei launches its Google-less smartphone, Mate 30


Huawei launches its Google-less smartphone, Mate 30

Huawei launches its latest smartphone model, Mate 30 in Munich, Germany on Thursday. This is the tech company’s first Google-less phone model after Trump banned the Chinese Tech from American-based companies.

The Mate 30 smartphones come with Android as its operating system but without Google service including Maps, Play Store, and YouTube. More so, third party mobile apps that are linked to Google Maps would also not be available since losing Google services.

The new smartphone is launched in Europe since Huawei had successful sales turnout, especially high-end models such as the Mate and P series. In 2018, Huawei shipped 26.3 million smartphones in Western Europe.

Analyst Thomas Husson noted that Huawei, the leading smartphone firm in the world, will grope for form outside China since the new model has no Google Play Store.

Upon launching Mate 30, Huawei introduced its own operating system named, Harmony OS in August. But according to the tech firm, it will only be operating in smart TVs and other connected devices.

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