Houston Rockets merchandise pulled from Chinese Nike stores


Houston Rockets merchandise pulled from Chinese Nike stores

Sneakers and other apparel of the Houston Rockets NBA team were removed from major stores in China following its team manager’s tweet supporting the mass protests in Hong Kong.

Store managers in cities like Beijing and Shanghai were told via a memo from management that all Houston Rockets merchandise had to be removed.

Daryl Morey, the team manager of the NBA Team, has made a public apology via tweeter as well last week. To make the matter worse, Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner said the league supported Morey’s right to freedom of expression.

In Shenzhen, three Nike stores also pulled out Rockets merchandise, together with NBA items while also three Nike stores in Chengdu also weeded out Rockets apparel.

“Rockets products were ho before and when you stepped into the store, it was full of red. Now, it is mostly yellow and blue,” Shanghai Playzone manager said.

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