Hong Kong braces for more skirmishes as protesters paralyze the city


Hong Kong prepared for more tumults on Wednesday as the mass protests continue to spread violence around the city-state, paralyzing some transport links, schools, and businesses.

Demonstrators scuffled with the police through the night at university campuses and other locations hours after a senior police officer said Hong Kong had been at the edge of a total breakdown.

The protesters started the rage after police on Monday shot an unarmed protester at close range. In response, the activists blocked roads, torched several vehicles, hurled petrol bombs at a police station and metro train and smashed up part of a shopping mall. The police answered by firing tear gas at protesters overnight in multiple locations.

“We just want to affect Hong Kong economy to let the government know we are serious about our demands,” said a protester. Every day, everywhere, people are getting hurt,” he added.

Hong Kong stock markets dipped 2% during the early trade, posting a three-week low.

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