Homanit to build fiberboard production plant in Lithuania for 115 million euros


A German manufacturer of fiberboard (MDF) will build a fiberboard production plant near Vilnius. Homanit will invest 115 million euros in the construction of the plant within three years. Thanks to this, 440 jobs will appear in the country, the local agency, Investuok Lietuvoje, reports. Homanit actively supplies products from Polish factories to Lithuania, so the construction of an enterprise in the country will satisfy the demand of Lithuanian furniture manufacturers. IKEA buys furniture in Lithuania and Poland. The new plant in the country will solve the problem of product supply to local and foreign customers. The Lithuanian furniture production market will receive more than 360 million euros over two years. In 2017, Homanit planned to purchase Grigeo, the manufacturer of fiberboard, cardboard and paper, but in early 2018 the deal was broken. The company currently owns two factories in Poland and one in Germany.

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