H&M announces plans to develop second-hand segment


Many buyers are interested in the second-hand market in an effort to take part in environmental protection events. Against this background, the demand for used things in the world is growing, according to the Ukrainian Retail Association. Experts expect that the turnover of the second-hand market in the next 5 years will increase 2 times and will exceed 51 billion dollars. The Swedish retail network H&M, the largest in Europe, implementing the strategy of a completely waste-free model for the production and sale of goods, became interested in the development of the second-hand segment. The company intends to soon launch the first online store of used clothing in a pilot mode on the site of its brand & Other Stories. This initiative will then be extended to its other stores and brands. The company is also working on launching a program that allows customers to see the factory in which this or that thing was manufactured and learn about its manufacturing technology.

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