Growth in US industrial production in December exceeded forecasts


In December 2018, industrial production in the United States grew by 0.3%, according to a report by the Federal Reserve System (FRS). Experts had expected growth of 0.2%. Industrial production indicators have improved in the process industry. The figure rose by 1.1%, although experts assumed that growth would be only 0.3%. Production in the automotive industry grew by 4.7%. The production of computers and components grew by 1.3%. Production of building materials increased by 1.6%. The output in the defense and aerospace industries increased by 2.3%. At the same time, the volume of industrial production in the light industry increased: the output of food and tobacco products increased by 0.9%, clothing - by 0.4%. The reduction in production was noted in the areas of production of industrial equipment and oil and gas production. Production capacity in December was used at 78.7% versus 78.6% in November.

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