Government of the Netherlands increased its equity stake in Air France-KLM


The Dutch government has increased its stake in the French-Dutch airline Air France-KLM to 12.68% from 5.9%. According to the Minister of Finance of the country, Wopke Hoekstra, the government plans to continue acquiring the shares of the air carrier in order to increase its share to 14%. This practically compares the participation of the Netherlands with a 14.3% share of France. The Netherlands authorities are taking these steps to protect the economic interests of the country, having achieved the success of the Dutch KLM as part of a company incorporated in May 2004. Air France-KLM CEO, Ben Smith, who received a seat on the KLM supervisory board, simplified its structure by removing a number of powers from its committees. Increasing the share of the Netherlands will allow the country to resolve the issue of obtaining seats on the board of directors.

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