Goldman Sachs increased its net profit 2.4 times in 2018


One of the largest US banks, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., increased its profit in 2018 2.4 times. Net income during the earnings period exceeded $10 billion. Profit from shareholders increased 2.7 times last year to $9.86 billion. Net diluted earnings were $25.27 per share versus $9.01 last year. Goldman Sachs revenue and bank operating expenses rose 12%. The net profit of the organization in the 4th quarter of 2018 exceeded $2.5 billion. A year earlier, the bank recorded a loss of $1.928 billion. Diluted earnings per share totaled $6.04; last year, quarterly results showed a loss of $5.51. Revenue for the quarter decreased by 1% to $8.08 billion, although experts predicted a figure of $7.5 billion. New CEO, David Solomon, assessed financial results as good, despite difficulties in the brokerage business in 2018.

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