Goldman Sachs может приобрести сеть бюджетных отелей B&B


A division of Goldman Sachs, which is in charge of deals in the field of direct investment, may acquire a European network of budget B & B Hotels, Financial Times writes. The sale is negotiated by the French direct investment fund PAI Partners, which in March 2016 bought B & B Hotels for 790 million euros. Since the acquisition of the hotel chain by the fund, its EBITDA has almost doubled. At the end of 2018, B & B Hotels recorded revenue in the amount of 580 million euros. Its network has 486 hotels in 12 countries of the world. In addition to European countries, where the main activity of the company is carried out, its hotels are also located in Brazil and Morocco. The Financial Times reports that the sale of the hotel chain can be estimated at 1.9 billion euros.

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