Gold prices reached a maximum of almost two weeks

On Monday, gold rose in price to a maximum of nearly two weeks against the background of the yuan strengthening and the weakening of the US dollar, as well as in connection with the closing of short positions by investors. In the morning on Monday, the dollar index was kept near the three and a half weeks' lows to the basket of major currencies after the release of weak data on the growth of wages in the US. At the same time, the yuan rose and traded close to 6.62 yuan against the dollar. Gold by 13:57 Moscow time rose in price to 1 thousand 265 dollars 16 cents per troy ounce from 1 thousand 254 dollars 20 cents per ounce at the closure of trading on Friday. The price of gold futures in the US rose to 1 thousand 266 dollars 20 cents per ounce.

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