Gold fell in price to 6 months low

On Thursday, gold fell to a minimum of six months, as investors sold assets in the physical market, and there was a growth in the dollar against the backdrop of increasing expectations of an increase in the interest rate of the Federal Reserve System, wrote. The dollar rose to the basket of major currencies to a maximum since July 2017 after the Fed rate hike, as well as in anticipation of future rate increases this year. The price of gold at 13:25 Moscow time fell to 1 thousand 262 dollars 98 cents per troy ounce from 1 thousand 267 dollars 70 cents per ounce at the closure of trading on Wednesday. Gold futures in the US fell 9 dollars 90 cents to 1 thousand 264 dollars 70 cents per ounce. The stocks of the ETF SPDR Gold Trust has fallen by 5% to 26 million 645 thousand ounces since the end of April.  

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