Global dividends grow by 1.1%


Investors’ payouts in the form of dividends as shareholders of companies under the world’s stock markets took home $513 billion in the second-quarter record.

Though setting an all-time quarterly high investors’ dividends, the yearly growth pace marked 1.1%. This is relatively lower to the 14% growth pace covering the same period last year.

Analysts were quick to note that the slowing growth rate of payouts of investors is an indication of a declining global economy together with the growing dollar rate.

Among the industries listed on the world stock markets, the technology sector had decreased its dividends to shareholders as troubles with phone companies Samsung and Nokia had respective slumps.

Among the sectors with the highest payouts were financial companies with a 9.9% increase and oil and gas industries with a 6% climb.

The company for the second quarter of this year’s largest dividend payouts was Nestle of Switzerland, paying $7 billion to investors.

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