Global automakers will invest $300 billion in the development of electric vehicles over the next 10 years


An analysis by Reuters showed that automakers would send $300 billion to develop electric vehicles in the next 10 years. German carmaker Volkswagen will spend $34 billion on initiatives related to electric cars and will buy batteries for $57 billion. The concern will produce 50 models of electric vehicles and 30 hybrid models by 2025. Interest in electric cars is associated with the development of technology and the tightening of climate and environmental standards. Almost half of the investment in electric cars - more than $135 billion - will be sent by China. For the first time in 20 years, the country recorded a decline in car sales. Output fell 6% in 2018. According to Bloomberg and the China Automobile Manufacturers Association (CAAM), sales of electric vehicles will increase by a third to 1.6 million.

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