Germany will abandon the use of coal in the electricity by the end of 2038


The Commission appointed by the Government of Germany proposed to stop using coal in the electric power industry until 2038. Such a solution will help prevent climate change. The commission has been discussing this issue for several months, MarketWatch reports. The group included 28 representatives of mining regions, utility companies, scientists and environmentalists. The decision of the commission is waiting for the approval by the Government of Germany. More than a third of electricity in Germany is produced on coal. According to the commission’s plan, the country will gradually close coal-fired plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If the plan is adopted, over the next 20 years, the federal states that use coal will receive 40 billion euros of subsidies. Government assistance will allow the land to painlessly abandon coal in the power industry. Thanks to coal deposits, Germany secured the military power of the Empire in the 19th century and was able to revive the western part of the country after World War II. Now in Germany coal is not mined, but the country buys it in other countries, for example, in Russia.

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