Germany to launch plans to fight climate change


Germany to launch plans to fight climate change

Germany uncorked its plan to spend 54 billion euros package over the next four years to beef up its transition to renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

After the global protests on climate change the other week, the coalition government of Germany revealed a new set of policies that would also benefit the biggest economy of Europe.

Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Germany was performing below its original goal of cutting carbon emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2020. This time, the country aims for a 55% reduction by 2030, said Merkel.

“We must say with a high degree of probability that the target we set ourselves in 2007 will unfortunately not be met. And that’s what’s bothering me, that’s bothering many others.”

Subsidies will be part of the program for replacing oil-fired central heating systems, as well as a cut in sales tax on rail tickets to encourage more Germans to travel by train.

Flight taxes will increase and the new pricing system for carbon emissions will propel gas and diesel cost for drivers.

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