German entrepreneurs appreciate the benefits of EU membership


The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce conducted an online survey of owners and top managers of 1,800 enterprises from all key sectors of Germany. 67% of respondents said that the European Union is better than they think about it. According to 82% of survey participants, European integration has brought the greatest benefit in ensuring political stability on the continent. This assessment of German businessmen has grown significantly over more than 10 years, considering that in 2006 only 53% of businessmen had this opinion. They also attributed the advantages of the EU to the transition to a common monetary currency, which ensured the absence of currency risks. Today, 73% of German business leaders hold this opinion. A high percentage of respondents - from 57% to 69% - believe that free access to European markets, common norms and standards, common trade policy are also among benefits. German businessmen expressed the opinion that the lack of explanation by the British business community to the UK population of the advantages of EU membership led to a vote in a referendum in favor of Brexit.

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