German carmaker Volkswagen reported on the results of 2018


The report of German automaker Volkswagen for 2018 showed a net profit increase of 6.1% to 4 billion 620 million euros and an increase in revenue by 1.7% to 78 billion euros. According to the annual report, the Volkswagen Group, which owns 12 brands, increased its operating profit by 0.7% to 13 billion 920 million euros. Its revenue amounted to 235 billion 849 million euros, having risen by 2.7% over the year. Over the past year, the company produced cars worth 11 billion 18 million euros, which is 1.3% more than in 2017. Sales rose 1.1% to 10 billion 900 million euros. A 2% drop in supply was noted in North America. At the same time, other regions showed their growth. The passenger car division reported a slight decrease in operating profit and revenue growth. The number of sold cars amounted to 3 million 715 thousand, an increase from the figure of 2017 in 3 million 573 thousand cars.

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