German automakers invest in electric cars about 60 billion euros


Bernhard Mattes, head of the German Automotive Industry Association of Germany, said that in the coming years German automakers' investments in electric cars will reach 40 billion euros. In addition, they will invest another 18 billion euros in the development of self-driving cars. The size of these investments is consistent with the EU’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2021 by 40% compared with 2007. To implement it, it is necessary to expand the infrastructure, which will increase the number of stations for charging electric vehicles. Significant funds will also be spent on expanding the range of electric vehicles to about 100 models. The German manufacturers spent three years on this task. In order to stimulate sales of electric vehicles, the German government began in 2016 to pay buyers a premium of 4 thousand euros for the purchase of electric cars and 3 thousand euros for the purchase of hybrid cars.

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