General Motors increased profits to $8 billion in 2018


American automaker General Motors recorded a profit of $8 billion in 2018 against a loss of $3.864 billion over the earnings period last year. The diluted earnings were $5.53 per share versus a loss of $2.6 in 2017. GM's revenue increased by 1% and exceeded $147 billion. General Motors shareholders' profit in the first quarter exceeded $2 billion, while in 2017 they recorded a loss of $5.151 billion. Earnings per share reached $1.4 against a loss of $3,65 a year earlier. GM's revenue for the quarter rose by 1.8% to $38.399 billion. In 2018, General Motors sold 8.4 million vehicles, which is 12.5% less than last year. In the US, the company sold 3 million vehicles, including 1 million SUVs. The average price of a car was $36 thousand - a record figure for the company. In China, 3.65 million vehicles were sold.

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