GBP/USD on 7-month highs; Tories on the lead


The GBP/USD pair stands strong, as it retraces from the new seven-month highs of 1.3180. This came after polls revealed the Conservatives' lead. Cable had reportedly dropped last Friday in the middle of positive U.S. data.

Bulls can be kept happy in light of October highs near 1.3013 being the target and highs marked in May and April, close to 1.3180 and 1.3200. This despite being likely to enter below 1.3100.

Below is an overview of important levels:

Today last price 1.3146
Today Daily Change 5 pips
Today Daily Change % 0.04%
Today daily open 1.3141


Daily SMA20 1.2938
Daily SMA50 1.2787
Daily SMA100 1.2526
Daily SMA200 1.2697

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