Gap between the earnings per share of US and European companies is at a maximum for 30 years

Despite the maximum for 10 years rise of the eurozone economy in 2017, the growth rate of corporate profits in Europe lags far behind the United States, The Wall Street Journal writes. The profits of the companies from the S & P 500 index in the first quarter increased by 25%, and of the companies from the Stoxx Europe 600 index - only by 6.5%, data of FactSet showed. Experts at Morgan Stanley note the maximum for 30 years gap between the earnings per share of companies from the MSCI USA and MSCI Europe indices, which is due to a strong euro, a significant reduction in taxes in the US and a jump in profits of US technology companies. Companies from Stoxx Europe 600 receive half of the proceeds abroad, and strong euros have a negative impact on their performance. Indicators of more than 90% of US technology companies, which account for about a quarter of the S & P 500 index, surpassed the market forecasts in the past quarter.

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