FREE Binfinity Tokens Up for Grabs for First 1,000 VERIFIED Registrations

FREE Binfinity Tokens Up for Grabs for First 1,000 VERIFIED Registrations

Binfinity, a new breed of digital asset marketplace or "cryptocurrency exchange" focusing on providing freedom to the crypto financial markets, is at the cusp of promising developments that will solidify its place further in the financial industry.

After the release of the Binfinity's original white paper, COO Hitoshi Hasegawa observed that the company received feedback of value. This, in turn, had served as scaffold to improvement done on the BFC token. And of course these improvements meant more noteworthy features when placed beside other tokens from other platforms.

With the upgrade, Binfinity now offers a bonus of 100 BFC for free for the first 1,000 verified registrations.

Aiming to attract more engagements from the cryptocurrency markets, BFC now bear the following 5 improvements:

  1. Membership is TIERED in accordance to the level of BFC holdings
  2. Trading commissions have BIGGER discounts, reducing trading costs further
  3. Assurance of a strong commitment to control the circulating supply while the Binfinity platform evolves.
  4. An affiliate rewards program
  5. The BFC will become a stake asset of "Binfinity Chain". Binifinity Chain is a future proof-of-stake public blockchain that boasts of next-generation innovations in consensus algorithms and latency.

A Binifinity R&D project, it is worth noting that Binfinity Chain zeroes-in on ultra-low-latency performance through applications in high-speed electronic trading, e-commerce, payments, and even online gaming.

In an interview, Binifinity CTO Huw Rogers had said that with innovation in capital markets technology, they are committed for the long-term. He added that Binfinity sees crypto as a forntier yet to be explored fully by the financial industry. For this to work, blockchains have to be public and speedy. Huw recognizes that blockchain technology is highly diverse and constantly evolving, as such, Binfinity is steadfast in its belief that it will make significant contributions with it Binfinity Chain project.


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