France to conduct “general rehearsal” sans Britain EU


France is nothing but serious as they simulate measures it has devised for the departure of Britain from the European Union. This would prepare local companies ahead of a tumultuous Europe in light of Britain’s exit come October.

The minister of customs of France said in a statement on Friday that he will meet the minister for Brexit planning in Calais on Friday to relay France’s preparations.

“For a month we will act as if there is Brexit for a large number of companies. We’re going to put in place a sort of general rehearsal so that we are ready at the end of October,” said Gerald Darmain.

A reinforced workforce for customs is one of the measures authorities are planning to introduce. Online border declarations will serve to compel different companies to announce the approaching of goods even before arriving at the border.

The British government has announced that goods from the EU will be allowed to enter Britain without meticulous checking from customs for the next three months. That is of course, if a "no-deal" Brexit comes into the picture.

The customs minister also said that exports to Britain will be declared online by sending companies and that there will be no more border stops and queues.

France is known as the biggest exporter of wines and dairy products as well as a good agricultural partner to Britain.

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