France experts to probe on Saudi Arabia oil blast


France experts to probe on Saudi Arabia oil blast

After a shocking coordinated oil attack on weekends in the world’s largest oil production in Saudi Arabia that caused a price surge in oil on Monday, France is extending a helping hand to Saudi to probe on the oil attack.

French President Emmanuel Macron, through his officials, said on Wednesday that he will send experts to Saudi Arabia to help with investigations into an attack on oil installations.

The Elysee Palace said that President Macron strongly condemned the attack and told Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that France was committed to helping in the Middle East restoration.

“In response to a Saudi request, President Macron confirmed to the crown prince that France will send experts to Saudi Arabia to take part in investigations aimed at revealing the origin and modalities of the attacks,” said the Elysee.

The oil attack damaged at least half of Saudi’s oil production and could possibly affect French diplomacy which purpose is to bridge the gap between the U.S. and Iran.

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