Former Uber self-driving head files for bankruptcy protection after $179 million loss to Google


Former Uber Technologies Inc. head’s self-driving technologies unit Anthony Levandowski filed for bankruptcy protection on Wenesday. This came following a court sanction of $179 million payment to Google after his separation from the company.

Levandowski, who worked as a key engineer in Google’s self-driving project, and his colleague Lior Ron violated legal obligations and pursued unfair competition as the two started a rival company and recruited Google employees.

Levandowski filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, which allowed him to negotiate debts. He has around $50 million to $100 million in assets and $100 million to $500 million in liabilities, as stated in his filing.

He had filed a dispute against the arbitration ruling. However, San Francisco County court backed the arbitration panel’s decision and award.

Ron settled for $9.7 million with Google last month and had remained at Uber.

Levandowski could owe up to $127 million, but later on, undisclosed interest and attorney’s fees were added.

This arbitration victory was the latest for Google who had faced this long-due legal battle with Uber.

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