Ford to launch largest network of electric vehicle chargers


Ford to launch largest network of electric vehicle chargers

As of date, Ford hasn’t released any electrical vehicle unit. But on Thursday, it bared its plan to launch one together with the premier offering of the largest network of electric vehicle chargers in North America.

In collaboration with EV charging companies Greenlots and Electrify America, Ford is set to launch “FordPass Charging Network”. This will allow users to charge electric vehicles using their mobile app or even in the vehicle’s central touch screen.

In 2020, Ford will be offering an electric crossover SUV similar to the Mustang. It is Ford’s first-ever electric vehicle in the making. In addition to it, an electric version of the Ford F-150 pickup is also being designed.

Ford plans to build more than 12,000 charging stations with a total of 35,000 plugs in the United States and Canada. FordPass aims to cater to all brands of electric vehicles including Tesla.

Ford also announced its partnership with Amazon Home Services to install at-home chargers for those who will buy a Ford electric vehicle.

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