First Coronavirus case in Bhutan compels the kingdom to ban tourists


Bhutan had banned tourists for a span of 2 weeks due to a confirmed case of coronavirus. This comes from a report of a tourist that had been diagnosed upon entry of India, the Kingdom’s neighboring country.

The virus-confirmed patient had only been identified as a 74-year old American who had flown from India on March 2nd. Regarding the case, the Kingdom’s Health Ministry, had this to say:

“The government will impose two weeks restriction on all incoming tourists with immediate effect,”

“This is to enable rigorous monitoring, source assessment of infection and mitigate the situation.”

Apart from this, the government had also closed down a number of schools temporarily alongside the postponement of international conferences within the same time period.

At present, the patient is under quarantine in a hospital in Thimpu, Bhutan’s capital.

To date, India’s confirmed coronavirus cases had risen to 31. Across the globe, the total number of Coronavirus cases had swelled up to 98,000 and had totaled to 3,300 deaths. Most of such had come from Wuhan, China, but numerous cases had also been reported from other countries.


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