Fiat Chrysler to invest $4.5 billion in capacity expansion


Fiat Chrysler Automobile plans to invest 4.5 billion dollars in the expansion of production capacity, implementing a plan for its reorganization, the implementation of which was launched by the former head of the American automaker, Sergio Marchionne, Dow Jones writes. These investments will be used to expand the manufacturing complex in Michigan. In Detroit, the company will spend $1,600 million to build a jeep off-road assembly plant, including a new model not yet in the market. The beginning of its construction is planned for the current year. The launch of the plant at the end of 2020 will bring 3,850 new jobs to the country. The company will invest $900 million in the modernization of another plant in Detroit, Jefferson North, which will create another 1,100 jobs. The remaining investments will be directed to the modernization of another 3 factories in Michigan, which are also planning to expand their staff.

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