Fees in the amount of 25% for goods from the United States of 2 billion 800 million euros will start operating in the EU from June 22

The European Commission adopted a document approving a plan of the European Union's response to the introduction of the US duties on import of steel from the EU at a rate of 25% and aluminum at a rate of 10% from June 1. Since June 22, duties in the amount of 25 billion euros on goods of American exports totaling 2 billion 800 million euros will begin to operate in the European Union. A list of such products, numbering dozens of positions, was agreed upon by representatives of the EU countries during a meeting in Brussels on June 14. The list included motorcycles Harley Davidson, jeans Levi Strauss and bourbon. It included steel and aluminum products, agricultural products, food, cosmetics, clothing, boats and yachts.

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