Facebook prohibits use of plastic water bottles in new offices


Facebook prohibits use of plastic water bottles in new offices

Water-filling stations in lieu of single-use plastic water bottles are what Facebook will be implementing in its new offices worldwide.

The news of Facebook’s new company policy broke out on Wednesday to join the world’s biggest companies to ban plastic. Many firms and establishments worldwide started the plastic ban in light of the increasing dangers of plastic manufacturing and waste grow.

San Francisco International Airport also banned the selling of plastic water bottles in August. The company’s campaign is a way to reduce the almost 4 million water bottles it sells each year.

New water-filling stations will be installed in cafeterias in Burlingame, Fremont, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale together with other new offices in Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.

“It’s really about us thinking about our sustainability goals and being a good corporate steward. This is the standard we set for the company going forward,” said Facebook’s Director of Local Policy and Community Engagement Juan Salazar.

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