Facebook feeds minor changes in ad policy ahead of US elections in Nov.


Facebook announced on Thursday minor changes to its ad policy to address political ads that will be popping up on users' news feeds as soon as the campaign period goes full blast for the US Presidential elections in November this year.

The social media giant made minor adjustments to its existing ad policies to address political ads that will be bugging account users. One of the changes includes enabling users to turn off certain ad-targeting tools. However, critics are quick to remark that the policy tweak still won’t impede politicians to spread lies through the ads system of the social media platform.

Facebook said it will feature a special tool for users to pot seeing fewer political and social issue ads along with its plan to make more ad audience data publicly available.

Facebook will present the expanded audience data features in public in the first quarter and plans to deploy the political ads control which will commence in summer in the United States, before expanding it to more locations worldwide.

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