Facebook defers launch of dating service in Europe as Irish officials hold search operation in offices


Facebook postponed the launching of its dating service in Europe which was scheduled for the eve of Valentine’s Day after Irish data regulator official searched its offices.

According to the regulating body, the conducted inspection in offices of the social media company in Dublin was mandated after learning Facebook’s plan of launching the dating service in the European Union.

“We were very concerned that this was the first that we’d heard from Facebook Ireland about this new feature, considering that it was their intention to roll it out tomorrow, 13 February,” stated by the Irish Data Protection Commission.

Graham Doyle, Deputy Commissioner and head of communications admitted that it was the first time that the regulator has conducted an inspection at Facebook’s office or in any other major tech firm in the country since the inception of the General Data Regulation in 2018.

The Irish regulator will soon release its findings of possible violations of the European privacy laws. Violating parties can be penalized by fining 4% of their annual global revenue.

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