Experts expect the pound sterling to grow by 6% by the end of the year


The Swedish banking company, Svenska Handelsbanken, believes that the UK exit from the EU can be postponed for a third time, which will affect the rate of the British national currency. According to the bank, by the end of the year, a pound sterling could increase by 6% to 1.33 dollars. Bank analyst Kieran Sakaria believes that the pound is already beginning to decline. He predicts a slowdown in the US economy and the beginning of a cut in interest rates by the Federal Reserve System. The slowdown of the global economy will require a reduction in interest rates from the Bank of England, but for now, they believe in a Swedish bank, the British Central Bank will maintain the same rates. According to experts, if Brexit will again be delayed, then new parliamentary elections or a second referendum can be held in the country. If events develop in this way, the pound will still be ahead of the dollar in 2020.

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