European stock futures tumble, as concerns of covid-19 cases surge weigh


The concern that the third wave of OCVID-19 cases will result in longer lockdowns in the European region feared investors, reflecting on Monday trade in European stock markets.

Germany’s DAX future contract fell 0.6%. The FTSE 100 futures contract in the U.K. dropped 0.6% as well. On the lone bright spot was France’s CAC 40 futures contract with a 0.1% gain.

On Sunday, France recorded its highest number of coronavirus patients in intensive care units this year. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned to use federal emergency powers to halt the spread of the disease after the 7-day average case number hit its highest since January.

In other European countries, Poland marked its highest all-time record at the weekend, while coronavirus infections continue to rise in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria.

The European Union is trying to hasten its inoculation programs troubled by the inadequate supply of AstraZeneca vaccines that has caused tension with former EU member Britain.

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