European stock futures mixed ahead of EU leaders meeting for COVID response


Thursday trade saw a mixed performance in the European stock markets as investors were cautious as they wait for the EU leaders’ meeting addressing the coronavirus crisis.

Germany’s DAX futures contract was up 0.2%. On the losing end, France’s CAC 40 futures contract fell 0.2% and FTSE 100 futures contract in the U.K. lost 0.1%.

This as the market awaits a virtual meeting between EU leaders to tackle the third wave of coronavirus cases, including the slow inoculation program. One of the points of discussion during the meeting is possible curbs on vaccine exports, something that the U.K. is handling really well.

European countries including Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and France recently reinstated tight lockdown measures to curb the surging COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, gold futures dropped 0.1% to $1,732.20/oz. EURUSD gained 0.1% at 1.1817.

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