European NXMH acquired cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp


Belgian investment company NXMH, which already owns the South Korean stock exchange Korbit, has acquired cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, registered in Luxembourg, Reuters writes. According to Neich Kodrich, the CEO of Bitstamp, the cost of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the EU, with a turnover of $100 million per day, rose to $60 million in 2016 from $39 million in 2014. The amount of the deal was not announced. South Korean NXC, which includes NXMH as a subsidiary, invests in digital technology. After concluding a deal, under which NXMH will receive an 80 percent stake in Bistamp, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange will continue to operate independently. Kodrich, owning 10% of Bistamp shares, will remain its general director.

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