European Commission: UK, to fix Brexit woes, not EU


European Commission: UK, to fix Brexit woes, not EU

A European Commission spokesperson said on Thursday that Britain should be the one to address the problems hounding upon apparent Brexit, instead of pointing it to Brussels.

The latest Brexit proposal revealed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs more work on the part of the leaving country, UK, out of the European Union bloc.

“As we have said there are problematic points in the United Kingdom’s proposal and further work is needed. But that work needs to be done by the United Kingdom and not the other way around,” spokesperson Natasha Bertaud said.

On Wednesday, Britain submitted its latest Brexit proposal to ink deal with the European Union as it exits the region on Oct. 31.

Some of the identified issues with the presented deal include border conflicts. Britain, after submitting the proposal, said it is now up to the EU to accept or reject it.

But the EC spokesperson adamantly said “we would disagree.”

“We would remind you that it’s the UK leaving the European Union and not the European Union leaving the UK and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that exit is on an orderly basis.”

“And we are willing to engage constructively with our counterparts. But we are not going to be the ones left holding the bag, the ball or any other kind of object,” she said.

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