EU eyes trade talks resumption with Thailand


EU eyes trade talks resumption with Thailand

The European Union is planning to resume trade talks with Thailand according to the Council of the European Union since negotiations were suspended in 2014 due to military coup.

“The council now considers it appropriate for the EU to take steps towards broadening its engagement with Thailand,” it said on Monday.

After the general elections held in March, Thailand has formed a new government to end half-a-decade long of military rule.

A Partnership and Co-operation Agreement (PCA) is what the EU is trying to layout with Thailand to as well as to resume trade talks.

“The Council also stresses the importance of taking steps towards the resumption of negotiations on an ambitious and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement,” it added.

The EU-Thailand trade in 2018 was recorded to be around 38 billion euros ($42 billion) as the European Commission reported.

 In 2017, the EU resumed political contact with Thailand.

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