Elite business figures in Hong Kong call for protests truce


“It’s time to think it over.”

This is just one of the many laments of elitists and billionaires living in Hong Kong imploring for peace amid the unrelenting massive protests that have taken its toll way beyond imagined.

Peter Coo, former chairman of developer Wheelock & Co., further stated on Monday that the opposition to the extradition bill was the big tree of the protests. He emphasized that the protesters’ appeal was finally heard out by the government and that the tree he was saying had already fallen and cited that the unrelenting protests are using the issue to continue with the destruction.

Asia’s third richest family, the Kwoks, also shared their feelings toward the ongoing rallies that are exacerbating the economic state of the city. The family who runs Sun Hung Kai Properties called for the restoration of social order and threw their utmost support for the government.

The Swire Pacific, owned by the Swires, also spouted off their concerns by saying that they condemned illegal activities and violent behavior.

The protests date back in June when demonstrators showed their repellence against the extradition bill. Since then, it has grown to a bigger cause as protesters call for greater democracy, including the resignation of their national leader, and fight police brutality.


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