Egypt signed 3 agreements with local and foreign companies on drilling 15 exploration wells

Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced the signing of three new agreements on drilling 15 exploration wells for oil and gas in the country for a total of 139 million 200 thousand dollars. The agreement on the drilling of two wells in the waters of Nour on the Mediterranean shelf worth $105 million is concluded with the Egyptian companies Egas and Tharwa and the Italian oil and gas concern Eni. The second agreement with the corporation Egyptian General Petroleum, Eni and the Croatian INA Naftaplin provides drilling of 9 exploration wells worth 11 million 700 thousand dollars in the Raas Gatara region in Western Sahara. The Egyptian Ministry also entered into an agreement with Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Eni and British BP to drill four oil and gas wells in the Nidoko area of the Nile Delta for $22.5 million.

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